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In the field of thermal technology, Cooperheat Africa has established an international reputation for design and engineering excellence within the petrochemical, glass, offshore, and power industries as well as general heavy engineering.

Cooperheat's global activity has generated a wealth of experience. Today, the Cooperheat brand is known worldwide as a specialist heat treatment company committed to exceptional onsite service and the highest standards of quality and expertise. Specialties include project service, refractory dryout, ladle heating, and electrical surface heating. 

Optimal Heat Treatment Solutions

After determining a client's optimal solution, Cooperheat utilizes vast in-house technical expertise and a wealth of data to harness the most economic and technically correct equipment for the problem at hand. Cooperheat's design staff then works within the thermal parameters of the problem, to achieve the temperature distribution to optimum criteria.

Major project work involving a high level of quality assurance is the core of Cooperheat's project services. By mobilizing project management teams, Cooperheat provides a comprehensive range of onsite services, supplying supervisory staff and using local labor where possible.