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Major project work involving a high level of quality assurance is the core of Cooperheat Africa’s approach to thermal technology. We’re an organization with a wealth of experience and a commitment to total quality, a combination that enables us to continually build on our proven ability to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

A Commitment to Service Excellence

By mobilizing project management teams, Cooperheat provides a comprehensive range of onsite services, supplying supervisory staff and using local labor whenever possible. Once an optimum solution has been determined, Cooperheat uses economical, technically advanced equipment to solve the problem in question using in-house technical expertise backed by a wealth of effective data. All design staff work within the thermal parameters of the problem, to achieve the desired temperature distribution to the optimal criteria.

Cooperheat Africa combines the enthusiasm of an African company operating in a global market with vast international experience in thermal technology, striving for quality and service excellence.