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NeXray: Evolution in Inspection Technology

Real-time Radiography

Introducing NeXray, STANLEY Inspection’s Digital Real Time Radiography system. Consisting of two main components, the radiation source and the digital detector, NeXray works in a very similar manner to the equipment you would find in a hospital or dental surgery. The detector is a medical-grade detector which we have adapted to inspect pipeline girth welds.

NeXray uses a radiation source in conjunction with film and can replace conventional radiography. With conventional radiography, once the film has been exposed to the radiation it then requires subsequent processing in a dark room before it’s ready to be inspected. NeXray eliminates these steps by generating the image digitally, giving a real-time output onto a computer screen.

Adopting this approach significantly improves cycle times in the field. For example, when scanning welds on a 36” diameter pipe with half-inch wall thickness using conventional radiography would take over an hour to complete. By using STANLEY Inspection’s NeXray system the same weld can be scanned and inspected in a little over five minutes, decreasing the cycle time by over 90 percent.

In addition to cycle time improvements, there are other benefits NeXray provides over conventional radiography equipment. By reducing the cycle time and therefore the exposure time needed, the amount of radiation required to acquire the x-ray image is significantly reduced, keeping exposure levels to a minimum and keeping the operator safe. It also eliminates the need for film, and the harmful chemicals used to develop the film, reducing the environmental impact. This was recognized when NeXray was awarded the Stanley Black & Decker EcoSmart Planet Award in 2017.

Following successful field trials and client demos, NeXray was released to the market. Within a matter of weeks STANLEY Inspection was awarded not one but two projects, one of which is on pipe up to 42” in diameter with a wall thickness of 0.75”. This falls well within NexRay’s upper operating range of 48” diameter, 1” wall thickness with a double wall, single image configuration.

The first of the two projects is now in production with NeXray delivering exceptional performance and outstanding quality x-ray images. With the second project due to start anytime and more projects in the pipeline, NeXray has truly been accepted within the market and continues to go from strength to strength.

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