Phased Array (PA)

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Phased Array (PA)

Phased Array (PA) testing (sectorial and linear) produces detailed visuals similar to medical ultrasound images. STANLEY Inspection utilizes the PipeWIZARD® Phased Array system to provide onshore and offshore customers with today's most comprehensive girth weld inspection and real-time reporting. 

  • One PipeWIZARD can scan pipes ranging in diameter from 4" to 56" while only changing the band, setup file, and wedge
  • Standard PipeWIZARD can scan pipe walls from 0.25" to 2" (6mm to 50mm)
  • Increased number of zones for better detection and vertical sizing
  • Any weld profile, pipe diameter, or wall thickness can be accommodated by recalling the appropriate setup files

Automated ultrasonic testing of pipeline girth welds using the PipeWIZARD system meets or exceeds ASTM E-1961, DNV2000 OS-F101, and API 1104 codes:

  • Fast scanning speed: 100mm per second
  • Weld-to-weld inspection time of less than four minutes for 36" pipe
  • Very flexible for different pipe diameters, wall thicknesses, and weld profiles
  • High reliability

PA testing uses electronic beam forming to generate and receive ultrasound, with each element in the array individually pulsed and delayed to create a wide range of beam angles and focal distances. PA inspection allows customized weld inspections, advanced imaging, and highly detailed inspections.