Refractory Dryout

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Refractory Dryout

STANLEY Inspection has extensive experience in the field of refractory dryout and in controlled heating and ventilation for the drying of specialized linings. Our expertise in these areas ensures maximum flexibility and minimum downtime.

By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, including digital process controllers, fully proportional fuel actuators, and solid-state features, our engineers are able to provide flexible service that meets the most demanding of specifications. Moisture is removed by strictly controlling heating rates to avoid damage to lining materials. Typical applications for this procedure include:

  • Induction furnace refractory dryout
  • Induction furnace cold start
  • Blast furnace refractory dryout
  • Coal gassification plant refractory dryout
  • Refinery cracker unit refractory dryout
  • Aluminum holding furnace refractory dryout
  • Cement kiln pre-heaters and coolers
  • Incinerator refractory dryout
  • Drying/curing of phenolic and catalyzed epoxy linings

STANLEY Inspection utilizes today's most advanced heating and ventilating operating procedures to produce optimum refractory properties, ensuring maximum flexibility and minimum downtime.