Close-Proximity Radiography

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Close-Proximity Radiography

LO-RAD Radiographic System

Introduced by STANLEY Inspection as a tool to benefit owner/operators, contractors, and sub-contractors, the LO-RAD Radiographic System addresses the ongoing problem of disruption of availability to working areas due to the necessity of radiography during project construction phases. Made possible by the LO-RAD system, close-proximity radiography is ideal for a number of unique pipeline inspection situations: 

  • Client has serious concerns regarding onsite safety
  • During shutdowns, work windows are not open long enough for radiography
  • Radiography must be completed and there are personnel that cannot be evacuated
  • Work windows are not allowing completion of scope of work
  • Short-term contracts require small barricades for radiography

The advantages of close-proximity radiography include: 

  • Small controlled area
  • 24-hour radiography
  • Lower dose to the radiographer 
  • Open display of radiography operations
  • Non-classified personnel continue working as no down time is required
  • No disruption to sensitive areas (control rooms, offices, etc.)
  • No-go areas are greatly reduced and are easier to observe and control
  • No additional safety patrols for multi-level sites
  • Minimal interference with escape routes

The LO-RAD system only requires a demarcation zone of between 2 and 4 meters versus 40 to 50 meters when using lr 192 with lead collimator. This is achieved by concentrating the radiation beam toward the subject area and eliminating unwanted scatter, deflection, and bounce. Additional benefits include improved sensitivity and film contrast versus standard gamma radiographic techniques.