Digital Radiography

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Digital Radiography

STANLEY Inspection offers three types of digital radiography service: direct radiography, computed radiography, and film digitization. 

Direct Radiography

Direct digital radiography is a filmless technique that uses real-time image capture and a rigid semi-conductor array matrix.

Computed Radiography

Computed digital radiography is a filmless technique utilizing exposure (conventional industrial radiography techniques) and image capture (flexible phosphor-coated imaging screen): 

  • Incident radiation strikes flexible phosphor-coated plate
  • Latent image created by electron entrapment process 
  • Image processing via high-resolution laser 
  • Photo-Stimulated Luminescence (PSL) (visible light) proportional to input energy of radiation
  • PSL converted to digital image

Film Digitization

Film digitization, or digital scanning of existing film, involves converting a physical film image to a digital image (can also be used to convert paper reports to digital images). Digitization is an archival system that can both reduce risk and save money.