Real-Time Radiography

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Real-Time Radiography

Real-time radiography made possible by the NeXray system provides critical advantages over conventional radiography traditionally used for weld inspection:

  • Instant results: Inspection images are captured, displayed, and analyzed in real time
  • Significantly improved cycle times: Up to 90% less time needed to scan welds; up to 60 mm/sec based on WT and material (DWSI/SWSI)
  • Elimination of processing time: Digital images are created instantly, with no need for film or darkroom processing
  • Environmental benefits: Reduction of radiation and elimination of film and development chemicals
  • Offsite central data auditing: Provides additional cost savings to the pipe-lay contractor
  • Sensitivity: 1.6% to 2% of wall thickness on code IQI
  • Cost savings: Increased productivity/reduction in crews

NeXray 360 Real-Time Radiography System

With NeXray’s revolutionary nondestructive testing (NDT) technology, pipeline inspection gets done right. Elimination of cycle times using digital detection means real-time digital delivery of images engineered for inspection of girth welds: onshore, offshore, spool base, and tie-in use in both small- and large-diameter applications.

NeXray is available in two configurations: NeXray SP (Standard Performance) and NeXray XP (Enhanced Performance).

Additional NeXray Benefits

  • Industrial temp OP specs (-40º to +50ºC)
  • Up to 48" x 1.00 WT DWSI/SWSI capable
  • Minimized profile for low-clearance applications
  • Portable for a two-person crew to manually handle in/out of pipeline ditches
  • Equivalent to Class I Film, but at faster speeds
  • Meets ISO 2504, BS 7009, ISO 17636-2 (Spatial Resolution and Signal to Noise) and ISO 19232-5 (Duplex Wires) specifications

With pipe diameters less than 36" NeXray is engineered to deliver higher performance than competing real-time radiography systems in speed, maximum pipe wall thickness capability, setup time, and portability. With pipe diameters greater than 36" NeXray also gives the benefit of inspection others struggle with.